Ascension Title 2

SyFy’s “Ascension” Review

What went wrong? Intro From the time it was announced last year, I and millions of others have been looking forward to SyFy’s Ascension, for it was a promise to return to the network’s dramatic science fiction roots. OpHuMod generally only publishes articles that support what we like, […]


OpHuMod Changes Are Afoot!

As of Wednesday, December 17th, 2014, we have begun major transformations regarding aesthetics and format. This will be a process. A lengthy one. As with any major life transitions, some things will instantly be more amazing, while others may seem a bit odd. Change and growth are quite […]

Miss Alissa

Breaking Bad, Stanley Kubrick, & Miss Alissa

Excellence in Animation from Martin Woutisseth Words such as “exceptionally well-crafted” or “excellence in animation” could be used to describe Miss Alissa from Martin Woutisseth. However, considering the subject matter, it would be more appropriate to go colloquial and utilize the terms, “High-octane, adrenaline pumping, and kick-ass!” Full […]

Star Wars Haphazard

Star Wars Meets Hawaii Five-0

More Brilliance from Learned of an amazing website named a few weeks back, which led to our sharing the exceptionally well-crafted mashup of Rudolph vs Predator. With mountains of fascinating content on both its main page and YouTube channel, anyone would do well to include them […]

Helix S2 Title Final

New Art for SyFy’s “Helix”

Controversial, Creepy, and CompellingMore than just a few eyebrows will be raised after seeing the new artwork released in support of SyFy’s Helix, which premieres its second season January 16th, 2015. Once the image immediately below starts appearing on buses and billboards, I am quite certain letters will […]


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