Green Day Featured

No One Died. Good Job Green Day!

Congrats on Being Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! Someone was wrong on the internet a few weeks ago. When it comes to music, I have learned to let opinions slide. Whether someone’s jam is Beethoven or Bieber, there are over 7 billion minds on […]

Physics featured pic

What is Physics?

“Science is more than a body of knowledge. It’s a way of thinking.” – Carl Sagan If one spends only a brief amount of time scanning the news or social media, it could be easy to become quickly disheartened by the state of humanity. However, there is wisdom […]

Twitter header 3

Smart Tweet Sunday

Yes. Intelligent people ARE on Twitter. Started the series Smart Tweet Sunday last week simply to provide proof that social media platforms can be used to better the world and that there are still some within humanity that can rise above the superficial and inane. Fortunately, they were […]

Dance Russia

Oligarchy and Aggrotech

FGFC820’s Heart of America. “…they use their music as a podium for their thoughts, but if you don’t want to go that deep, you can just oontz-oontz to their heart-thumping beats.” – The EDM Muse President Obama’s State of the Union address happened tonight. But, for the first […]

Helix Scarecrow 2 OpHuMod

SyFy’s Helix – S2/E1

Black Goo Out. Yellow Pustules In. Same Creative Brilliance. [WARNING: If the title pic was not an indicator, some may find certain images below extremely unsettling.] If you have been following our site for even the briefest length of time, you would already know how highly we think […]

12 Monkeys Title

12 Monkeys on SyFy – S1/E1 Review

Does It Succeed Or Falter? Intro Ever since Ronald D. Moore’s Battlestar Galactica (2004-2009) ended, and the switch from “Sci Fi” to “SyFy” was implemented, some would say that the network took a turn for the worse. Focusing on reality shows, wrestling, and B-grade movies, those of us […]

Smart Tweet Sunday

Smart Tweet Sunday

A New Weekly Series on OpHuMod. If one follows mainstream media, one would get the impression that Twitter is merely a social platform geared towards those only interested in Kardashian hindquarters or Bieber jail time. There would be much truth to that view. However, as with any method […]

Pies of Fury feature 2

Pies of Fury (Humor)

Martial Arts Meets Meringue. The internet is a truly miraculous thing. At the speed of light, one can gather information on anything ever written or recorded throughout the entire history of humanity, whether it be philosophy, art, or science. One can also find video of a martial artist […]


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