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OpHuMod on Hiatus

Just a quick note to our readers stating that will be on hiatus until mid-to-late April, including minimal-to-no social media presence. Fear not, for this is happening only due to positive reasons. Feel free to browse the archives. There’s something there for everyone! Thanks! Stephen Sumner Founder/Executive […]

Industrial featured

The Art of Industrial Dance

Kinetic Bliss from Ciwana Black. Intro I never learned how to dance properly. For me, the art form only involves two ends of the spectrum. There is moshing, which does involve rhythm, but is more a release of aggressive energy and a celebration of all things Dionysian. Then […]

Rambo Day

Rambo Day

Funniest Bachelor Party (and Friends) Ever. The rite of the bachelor party usually entails much alcohol, cigars, and quite often, scantily clad women. But the friends of Dana Saint had something else in mind. I never thought OpHuMod would ever have a headline that includes the name “Rambo,” […]


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